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At Zolin Technologies, we specialize in the application of conformal coatings for the electronics industry. We meet your specific coating requirements with an unmatched commitment to quality and cost effectiveness.   READ MORE>>>
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With cost effective, high quality conformal coating solutions and a cost structure that is bottom-line friendly, you'll see why more companies choose Zolin Technologies for their conformal coating needs.   READ MORE>>>
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There dramatic differences today in the quality of conformal coating providers. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our world class conformal costing services. For Zolin contact information please  CLICK HERE 


Zolin Technologies is an emerging industry leader in the highly specialized application of conformal coatings for electronic components.  We offer the winning formula that includes state-of-the-art conformal coating application equipment, a strong commitment to ongoing employee excellence and a level of customer service that has made us one of the fastest growing conformal coating providers in America today.

We have quickly become a reliable second source of conformal coating services to a growing base of PCB Manufacturers, assemblers as well as leading defense contractors. 

We understand that there are times that unexpected deadlines mean expedited service. Unlike others in this highly specialized industry, we don't take advantage of this as our pricing is competitive and not based on your approaching deadline. 

Excellence in Conformal Coating Services

We invite you to Contact Zolin Technologies today. We'll be happy to take the time to offer additional information about why it's just good business to choose Zolin as your reliable second source for conformal coating. 

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